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Fixed-Price or Cost-Plus Fee: Which is better?

My dear friend David reached out recently on the eve of starting a construction project on his home. He said that he’d received two quotes from reputable builders and that one of them wanted to work Fixed-Price and the other offered a Cost-Plus Fee model, and he wanted to know which I thought was better.


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Make Your Historic Home Energy Efficient!

A historic home has numerous perks for its owners; original hardwood floors, high ceilings, intricate detail, and the fact that you have, and are living in, your very own piece of history. However, with the good also comes the bad; poorly insulated walls, air leaks in windows and around doors, and less than perfect water pressure.


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Renovation of an Historic Carriage House

As renovation contractors, we love it when we have the opportunity to take a neglected old building and - with the help of dedicated clients and a good designer- give it a new life.

Brookline MA carriage house resized 600

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Project focus: Our new barn project

I posted a few months back about a new barn that we've been building in Weston, MA. Well, apart from the landscaping and a final coat of paint on the exterior, this project was wrapped up this week. 

Weston, MA barn

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A Week in the Life of a Renovation Company

Just thought I'd give you a feel for the variety of projects that we're working on these days. All of the photos were taken within the past week or two of projects in which we are the General Contractor. 

Marshfield Ma renovation resized 600

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Project focus: A New Timber Frame Barn

We're known primarily as Old House Renovation guys. Maybe that's why we have so much fun when we get an opportunity to do some new construction from the ground up. A year or so ago we teamed up with the timber frame company Bensonwood to build a new house out in Harvard, MA. Right now we're teaming up with them again to build a new barn in Weston, MA.

stone veneer resized 600

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More innovation in home construction products...

While we're talking about innovative products I thought I'd mention another pretty cool new idea.  A company called Trufig has invented a line of wall switches and outlets that can be flush mounted with any surface, and therefore made to almost disappear.

Trufig outlet resized 600

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Product feature: A thermostat that learns

Since I started in this business as a renovation and restoration contractor, I have tried to look for new ways of approaching old problems.   I love when fresh ideas are brought to the residential construction business.

setback thermostat resized 600

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Historic houses: Beauty through imperfection

Several times a year I am asked to look at old houses for potential buyers.  I'll walk through the house and give them my opinion on the condition of the house, the feasibility of renovations and additions, ballpark costs, etc. 


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Renovating your home? Watch out for the hidden costs!

From time to time I see projects tabled or postponed due to budgetary reasons. It's unfortunate at any point in the process but it's particularly heartbreaking when the clients have spent many months and many thousands of dollars on design fees, only to learn that the beautiful project depicted in the architect's drawings will cost much more than they are able or willing to invest.


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