Mark becomes a Certified Passive House Builder

I recently took a 2 day course given by the Passive House Institute US (PHIUS). The course covered the theory and practice behind the passive house certification. Following the course, I successfully took the exam and I am now a Certified Passive House Builder (CPHB).

As many of you know, I started Landmark Services in order to focus on saving and restoring historic houses. Over the past three decades we have had several hundred successful projects. In the past decade, though, we also began to work on some new construction projects. Many of these were so-called "high performance" homes" in which the components - windows, insulation, air barriers, etc. - were of significantly higher quality than was required by the building code. The goal of these projects is for the home to use far less energy, and therefore, be far more friendly to the planet. 

Our experience and our interest in this type of construction has grown exponentially. As we learned more about the field, the passive house standard of construction became more appealing. We worked on a passive house project in Maine. We hope to work on many more. Becoming a CPHB will help us toward that aim.

passive house diagram