Gothic Beauty

Foxboro, MA

Project Details

Our clients owned a really unique “Carpenter Gothic” style home in the suburbs south of Boston. They loved its fantastic architectural details. The problem was that it was much too small for their family. They asked us to build an addition that would blend seamlessly with the original.

Because the house was built asymmetrically (see the first photo) the solution was to simply balance the front façade of the house by adding on to the left of the front entry. We carefully reproduced the original details – even adding granite to the face of the foundation – so that the new addition is indistinguishable from the original. In the process we also removed the ugly brick veneer that had been added to the house in the 1950s and restored the flushboard siding. 

The project also included kitchen renovations, a new master suite, and a small conservatory added to the rear façade.


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