What is it about these old buildings? If you’re lingering here, you’re probably a lot like us... you have an abiding love for old buildings that is difficult to explain, and even harder to ignore. You’ve probably felt that way as long as you can remember. Is it the fact that the home has stood the test of time... providing shelter and warmth to multiple generations? The way the original windows, siding and exterior trim details work together effortlessly? The patina of the old wood floors or the stair railings... worn down soft. We get it. It’s all of that and much more.

The team at Landmark Services has been working on old homes and community buildings for over 25 years, bringing traditional craftsmanship together with today’s best practices and building technologies... seamlessly blending original details with new work. We love old buildings, too. And we hope it shows.

Check our our Idea Book and our Portfolio for some ideas on how to make your renovation or addition a success.

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