New Construction

We get very excited about new construction projects here at Landmark. This is partly because -- as anyone who has ever undertaken a major renovation discovers when they build their first new house -- new construction is so… much… easier! No kidding. We’d been doing large renovations (some over 10,000 square feet) for more than 15 years before we were invited to build our first new house, so it sure did come as a (pleasant) surprise to us.

When you are in control of all the variables from the outset, everything from sequencing the trades to transitioning between different spaces in the building becomes much more streamlined and linear, allowing things to move at a pace that is hard to replicate with renovation work. When everything is level and plumb from start to finish, the art of making the new building *feel* like it has been part of the local landscape for the last century… well, that’s where our team comes in. Traditional Builders… for traditional buildings that stand the test of time.

Have a look at two of our recent new builds (featured in our Blog and our Idea Book, below), and let us know if you’d like us to look at something you have on the boards. Both required extensive site work and intricate concrete form work to prepare for the buildings.

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