barnard capen house


Dismantling Historic Houses, the Bernard Capen House

Exterior of the Capen house in 2006

The frame of the Capen house


The History

The Bernard Capen House was built in Dorchester, MA circa 1675. It has twice been threatened with demolition and twice saved. The first occurrence was in 1909 by contractors who were looking to use the land for labor housing. Kenneth Webster, a Harvard professor, bought the building and had it dismantled and re-assembled in Milton, MA.
In 2006, history repeated itself when, again,this historic structure was threatened with demolition. Landmark Services stepped in to purchase the house and dismantle it once again.

The Vision

In hopes of reconstruction, the house components are being stored in trailers until a new owner is found. The components consist of the frame, flooring, doors, interior trim, paneled walls, a staircase, and some hardware. Landmark is currently selling the Capen House, with the final price including the reconstruction of this historic structure. If you are interested or have any questions, feel free to email

UPDATE: We have sold the components of the Capen House to a gentleman who plans to rebuild it north of Boston in the next year or so. However, if you are interested in projects such as these, drop us a line and maybe we can find the right house for you!