Our Process for Historic Renovation and Construction in Massachusetts

How We Work

Initial steps

our-processWhen we receive an inquiry about a potential project, the first step is to learn more about it. We’ll ask you - either on the phone or via email - about the size and scope of the project, its location, your desired starting date, your project goals, and the approximate budget. If it seems like we’d be a good fit for you and your project, the next step is to meet in person at your property to get to know you and your house.  If after that meeting there is a mutual desire to continue the process, we’ll help you with the pre-construction planning.


If you already have an architect, great. We will happily work with you and your architect at this early stage. The benefit of our early involvement is that we can review the drawings as they are developed from schematics through to construction drawings in order to provide you with preliminary cost estimates.  There is nothing worse than spending thousands of dollars for design fees over many months, only to find out that the proposed project cannot be built within your budget. That pitfall is avoided when our team is part of your team right from the start. We also provide valuable advice on building materials and construction methods.

If you do not have an architect we can recommend one who would be right for your particular project. We’ve worked with many excellent architects on renovations, restorations, kitchens, and additions.

At the end of the pre-construction phase we will provide a comprehensive proposal for the work which includes a detailed workscope and estimate. Since we work on an "Open Book" basis, we share all of behind-the-scenes pricing that we have done to arrive at the total cost. There's no guessing how we got there.


Every project has a dedicated team from Landmark Services.  The core of the team is comprised of a Project Manager and a Lead Carpenter (sometimes called a Site Supervisor). This team will work with you from the pre-construction planning phase right through to the last day so that you have a sense of continuity.

The hands-on work is performed partly by us (e.g. carpentry) and partly by our team of subcontractors (e.g. foundations, plumbing, plastering, etc.). No matter who performs the work, the quality and scheduling will be tightly controlled by the Project Manager and Lead Carpenter.